About The Abolitionists

mookaA songwriting, recording, and performing spoken-word collective, The Abolitionists are comprised primarily of long-time Illinois-born collaborators Mark "Mooka" Rennick, Prairie Sun Recording Studio co-owner/founder, and poet Jim Cohn, Museum of American Poetics founder and curator, with an ever-expanding, rotating cast of musicians contributing their creative DNA. Inspired by the Abolitionist Movement and the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the first Abolitionists record was The Road (Rudy Steakhouse Music, 1995). The Abolitionists collective has featured the work of Steve Kimock, Prairie Prince, Dick Dale, John Allaire, Allen Sudduth, Jeff Sloan and many others.


The Road  Liner Notes & Cover Art
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The Road Tracks  

Great Alone

The Road Pt. 1

Be Your Man

Prairie Falcon

In God's Hands

Padre Trail

The Road Pt. 2

Manatee Springs


Abolitionists in History: Online Sources


American Abolitionist Project

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Underground Railroad

The Abolitionists Archives

"Great Alone": Mooka Rennick's first handwritten draft

"Great Alone": second handwritten draft

"Great Alone": typewritten lyrics

"The Road": Jim Cohn's typewritten lyrics

"Padre Trail": Jim Cohn's typewritten lyrics with session notes

"Great Alone/Padre Trail" 45 rpm cover art (photograph of Lincoln's funeral procession)

Letter re: the naming of The Abolitionists (1/26/1989)