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                         MAP curates 3 major collections: Exhibits, Transmissions, and the Napalm Health Spa Archive



International Exhibits

Old Globe Masterminds
20th Century International Bards

Diversity Exhibits

African American Poezee
American Indian Words Between Worlds
Asian/Pacific American Verse Beings (Wang Ping, Guest Curator, 2015-2016)
Daughters of Stein
EuroAmerican Shapeshifters (David Cope, Guest Curator, 2015-2016)
Ghost Rangers of the Wild
Golden Bodies
Invisible Empires of Beatitude (Andy Clausen & Pamela Twining, Guest Curators, 2015-2016)
Latino/a Web Heads (Nancy Mercado, Guest Curator, 2015-2016)
Middle Eastern American Poets (Ali Zarrin, Guest Curator, 2015-2016)
Pioneer Masters
Postbeat Era
The Sexuals

Medium Exhibits

Audio Exhibit
Beat Generation Films
Postbeat Generation Films
Magnificent Rainbow: Kids Form Poems
Poets & Painters
Publishers (Dave Roskos, Ingrid Swanberg, Guest Curators, 2015-2016)


Writings on and about the art of poetry.

Legacy Transmissions
Postbeat Poets Activist Scholarship Project


Napalm Health Spa Archive

MAP's annual online poesy magazine. (1990-2015)